Winner Take All



"This is the third of Eisler's novels featuring John Rain, and with each book he climbs ever further up the ladder of excellence with well-crafted plots and adrenalin-filled action scenes that keep the suspense razor sharp. But his biggest asset is Rain—the coolest, sexiest killer on the block..."
   —Daily Record

"...Where [Rain]—and Jitpleecheep—excel is in giving us, and perhaps more importantly the vast mass of untravelled American thriller readers, a glimpse of the world through alien eyes. They also pack one hell of a punch...."
   —London Times

"Like Ian Fleming, Eisler has a gift for coming up with exotic locales, evil villains and molar-gritting violence."
   —The Japan Times

"Engaging and well-written, the novels feature enough martial arts action and suspense to keep your imagination whirring."
   —Black Belt

"A Deadly Pleasures "Best Mystery of 2004!""

"A San Francisco Chronicle "Recommended Book of 2004!""

"Eisler hits a home run and gives us a thrilling adventure that deftly balances intrigue, realistic ground fighting, weapon craft and state of the art spy technology with one of the great characters in fiction today."

"In Rain, Eisler has created a complex and unforgettable anti-hero who is as fascinating as he is deadly. It's no exaggeration to say that I is the story that I wanted to be."
   —Grappling Magazine

"In his superb thriller series featuring charismatic Japanese-American assassin John Rain, author Barry Eisler serves up steamy foreign locales, stunning action and enough high-tech weaponry to make for an A-plus boys-and-their-toys read."
   —New York Daily News

"Pulse-pounding... filled with authentic details of spycraft... Eisler keeps you entertained and educated in equal measure."

"Eisler makes it clear he is out to redefine what an international thriller can be. His goal is to combine the insouciance of Ian Fleming, the realistic detail of Tom Clancy, the ennui of Graham Greene and the prose power of John le Carré. In Winner Take All, he takes a major step toward achieving it."
   —News Press

"Fascinating detail... colorful settings... Lots of action, lots of suspense, lots of sneaking around. All in all, everything you'd expect from a cool guy like Rain.."
   —San Francisco Chronicle

"Furious and creative... Rain's combination of quirks and proficiency is the stuff great characters are made of."
   —Entertainment Weekly

"John Rain remains one of the most fascinating characters in crime fiction, an intriguing, troubling man, made different from the rest of us by his unique and horrible skills."
   —January Magazine

"John Rain is a Marlowe, a Spade for the 21st century... this is a character-driven action book that will delight any reader."
   —the Daily Camera

"Barry Eisler's John Rain is one of the best series characters being written today... Fast paced action and colorful characters on top of great spy craft make this an outstanding book."
   —Mystery One

"The Rain series keeps on getting better."

"Eisler writes with the pacing of a Nascar race. The book just keeps moving faster and faster, and the action is nonstop. Espionage done for the modern reader. I can't help but think that this is the kind of book Ian Fleming would have really enjoyed. This is a truly wonderful series."
   —Crime Spree Magazine

"Eisler adds a fine new entry to his standout series... The action shifts back and forth between Macao, Hong Kong and Tokyo, each setting rendered in intimately warm detail, before catapulting to a chilling finale... what truly sets Eisler's series apart is its near total absence of formula and stereotype. Rain is a wholly original, cliché-free character operating in a world created only for him, serving as both his folly and his foil."
   —Publisher's Weekly (starred review)

"The fastest and most intense action sequences you're ever likely to read."
   —Rocky Mountain News

"Propulsive plot [and] tinder crisp prose... there's no denying that this author can bring a wicked martial-arts encounter right into the mind's eye (quite a feat, considering the need for speed and complexity of movement) or that he's surprisingly nimble with his love scenes."
   —Kirkus Reviews

"Terrific... exotic settings, gripping suspense, thrilling fight scenes and a stellar supporting cast, along with one of the most compelling lead characters in the genre..."
   —USA Today