Redemption Games


"Eisler is a dab hand at turning out well-crafted, fast-moving plots as rich in character as they are in exotic oriental atmosphere."
   —Times Online

"There's talent, there's genius and there's Barry Eisler. It's that good."    —The Daily Record

"Barry Eisler's deft sense of place and character, no non-sense martial arts action, ingenuous plotting, and insightful understanding of the contemporary world makes this series rest comfortably in the company of John le Carré, Graham Greene, and Patricia Highsmith."

   —The Journal of Asian Martial Arts

"Wow! What a book! Ludlum, le Carré and Forsythe, stand back. Make way for Barry Eisler, the real super star of the international thriller. I just added Barry Eisler to my favorite author list... Eisler is a master at characterization and plotting and has taken the thriller genre and made it his own. His books will keep you reading far into the night and are like nothing you have read before."

"Since book one, Eisler has written novels steeped in rich atmosphere and compelling pathos. Each new entry in this series is original, deeply thoughtful and packed page to page with action."
   —January Magazine

"As the fourth installment in Barry Eisler's series about freelance assassin John Rain, this novel provides most of what Rain fans have come to expect, plus a great deal that is new."
   —Daily Yomiuri Online

"A brilliantly written, exhilaratingly fast-paced novel that the reader will hate to put down plus the ending is absolutely shocking. A must read and a powerful addition to a blockbuster series."
   —New Mystery Reader

"Redemption Games succeeds on many levels. The plot is complex and fast-moving, and the various Asian settings add another dimension to the narrative."
   —Reviewing the Evidence

"Eisler's stylish and gritty look at the business of killing will be familiar to readers of the other John Rain books, along with the exotic locales, compelling fight scenes, and propulsive writing that carries the story from one set-up to the next, all signature marks of the series. First-time readers will be just as enthralled with the details of the first-person narrative, which could only have come from real-world knowledge. If Eisler had not come out of the closet as ex-CIA, one would certainly have to wonder just what he did in his spare time to be able to tell a story like this."
   —The Asian Reporter

"Rain is a contradictory character, but Eisler makes him likable and the pace is always fast. Expect the unexpected and you may still be surprised at the end as I was. Recommended."
   —The Book Bitch

"[Eisler has] impressed me with [his] skills at stirring up a concoction of exotic plots, characters and settings."
   —The Japan Times

"Not yet recognized in Connelly's class, but on his way, is Barry Eisler, creator of a series of novels featuring a freelance assassin named John Rain. Each Rain book has been superb, and the fourth is getting the full publicity treatment by the publisher. Don't be surprised if one day soon Rain starts chasing Bosch up the best seller charts...."
   —Santa Fe New Mexican

"Known for his fast-moving, provocative plots, Eisler is an expert at finely tuned action sequences set in lush locales, bringing to mind an unlikely synthesis of Robert Ludlum and Ian Fleming.... While the plot is sufficiently taut, it's Eisler's nuanced depiction of Rain's battling conscience that keeps our interest..."
   —Cincinnati City Beat

"Shifting smoothly to a variety of exotic Oriental locations, the intense action never stops... Rain, a half-Japanese, half- American assassin, is a likable, unusual character in contemporary crime fiction. In the able hands of former covert CIA operative Eisler, Rain should have a bright, bloody and nerve-racking future."
   —Lansing State Journal

" and action-packed..."
   —The Oregonian

"Eisler's fourth novel is an ultra-cool spy thriller full of action, gadgets and exotic locales that's a perfect summertime read."
   —The Capital Times (Wisconsin)

"Action-packed scenes, worthy of a Jerry Bruckheimer film, and wonderfully detailed scenes throughout Asia are standouts in Redemption Games. Eisler puts his series at a higher level by exploring his characters' moral ambiguities and contemporary political climate."
   —Sun-Sentinel (South Florida)

"John Rain, the hero-assassin of this entertaining series, faces perhaps his toughest foe yet: regret. This isn't as touchy-feely as it might sound. Redemption Games boasts several excellent set pieces showcasing Rain's peculiar abilities. Yet the introduction of all this introspection adds a compelling new layer to the series and provides Rain with a slightly softer edge."
   —San Francisco Chronicle

"Steeped in exotic locales, charged with spasms of violence and researched to the smallest detail, Redemption Games is a worthy addition to the John Rain series. A killer with a conscience isn't new to the genre, but Eisler has his own unique and entertaining take on it."
   —Rocky Mountain News

"Rain may be the most authentic-feeling espionage hero since George Smiley donned his trilby."
   —The News-Press (Ft. Myers, Florida)

"The fascinating plot is suspenseful and timely, backed up by the kind of intensive inside knowledge and research that Eisler, a former covert operative with the CIA, brings to all his work... [Eisler is] one of the genre's most gifted writers."
   —Mystery Ink Online

"A whopping-good noir thriller series... Rain is the most interesting assassin around these days."

"An introspective and deeply nuanced story [with] plenty of thrills and tense moments, as well as the beautifully rendered exotic settings that have become the series' trademark."
   —Washington Examiner

"Exhilarating... Eisler unspools a plot full of warring secret government connections, cool spy paraphernalia, and vivid martial-arts sequences."
   —Entertainment Weekly

"Taut and compelling."
   —Publishers Weekly

"Rating: A... No one is writing a better thriller series today than Barry Eisler. He has quickly jumped into my top ten best American mystery/thriller writers, along with the likes of Michael Connelly, Lee Child, Walter Mosley, Jim Swain, Harlan Coben, Thomas Perry, S.J. Rozan, Jeffery Deaver and Steve Hamilton. If you haven't read him yet, get on the stick and do so. You'll thank me."
   —Deadly Pleasures

"A thriller as straight as an arrow... thankfully, expect more Rain."