Here's Barry's intro, for "For Your Eyes Only"

What is it about Bond?

As I wrote those first five words of my introduction to "For Your Eyes Only," Ian Fleming's first collection of short stories, I considered referring to the world's most famous fictional spy by his full name, and then decided it was unnecessary. After all, we all know Bond.

Or do we? Certainly we know the name. But what about the man - his hopes, his fears, his doubts, his origins? What goes on underneath the suave surface of a legend? For that, you have to read the books.

I read them all many years ago, long before I became a writer myself. And in rereading "For Your Eyes Only" to write this introduction, I realized the debt my own character, the half-Japanese, half-American assassin John Rain, owes to the famous spy who came before him. Fleming did it all first, and he did it well.

If you're looking for what you know, you're sure to find it in this thrilling collection of stories. Exotic locations like the Seychelles islands in the Indian Ocean, where The Hildebrand Rarity opens with Bond spear-fishing a Stingray; perfectly executed action sequences like the motorcycle assassination that opens From A View to a Kill; gorgeous, dangerous women like the avenging angel of For Your Eyes Only, the title story.

All of which, as the lawyers say, is necessary, but not sufficient. Because the books are more than just locations, action, and Bond's refreshingly antiquated view of women. They're also about Bond himself. Ever wonder where and how Bond lost his virginity? From A View to a Kill is the place to find out. Where did he acquire his worldview? In Quantum of Solace, Bond receives an unforgettable lesson on human nature. How does Bond feel after he has killed? In Risico, you'll find the answer might not be what you think. Does Bond have a soft side? He shows one in The Hildebrand Rarity...

If you don't know Bond, "For Your Eyes Only" is a great place to start. If you think you know him, this collection will deepen your understanding and your appreciation. Either way, you're certain to enjoy your time with Ian Fleming's unforgettable creation. He's a professional, but not without rough edges; determinedly cynical, but driven by some inner decency; larger than life, and yet surprisingly human. All of which makes James Bond what he is: the best in the business.