Lonely Resurrection


"Engaging and well-written, the novels feature enough martial arts action and suspense to keep your imagination whirring."
   —Black Belt

"A Killer Read... the detailed descriptions of the tactics and strategies used by a professional killer were both convincing and strangely fascinating..."
   —The Bolton Evening News

"...confirms the promise of the first novel... entertaining and suspenseful enough to keep you turning the pages as fast as your eyes can follow."
   —Mystery Ink

"Another tough expose of Japan's deeply corrupt society... Absorbing."
   —Sunday Telegraph

"Eisler may be on the brink of creating the most original series since James Lee Burke introduced Dave Robicheaux... I haven't had so much fun since Mickey Spillane published The Killing Man."
   —Mystery News

"...a gripping, coherent thriller... Rain is a classic character."
   —London Times

"Eisler can definitely write... the dialogue crackles, and Eisler can create more tension in a foot pursuit and ambush on the mean streets of Tokyo than is likely to be found in a dozen Hollywood car chases."
   —The Daily Yomiuri

"... meticulous detail... Eisler's debut showed that he can write a world class thriller. With its complex plot and perfectly paced, brutal action, A Lonely Resurrection reinforces that."
   —Daily Record

"...riveting...a penetrating look at modern Japan, the cultural differences between Japan and the U.S. and the future of Big Brother-like police surveillance."
   —Baltimore Sun

"...surpasses the first, scoring the highest marks once again... Eisler is a first rate storyteller... the streets of Tokyo and Osaka come alive..."
   —A Novel View

"John Rain is one of the most memorable characters in recent thrillers."
   —San Jose Mercury News

"... a great read... Of particular interest is Eisler's authenticity in describing the action sequences..."

"... a superlative job... entertaining and suspenseful enough to keep you turning the pages as fast as your eyes can follow."
   —Chicago Sun Times

"...a grand tour of both Tokyo and Osaka [with] skillfully executed fight scenes..."
   —Mississippi Clarion Ledger

"A Clean Kill in Tokyo was one of Sheldon's favorites last year, and he thinks this book is even better, a nonstop read."
   —The Mystery Bookstore

"The settings in Japan are dark and wonderfully presented and Rain is a solitary, lonely and complex character."
   —The Daily Oklahoman

"...twice as appealing as the last... [Eisler's] descriptions of Tokyo nightlife ring with clarity. All in all, just plain fun."
   —The Rocky Mountain News

"Rain [is] an interesting and convoluted character... Eisler has a keen eye for the Japanese scene."
   —The Houston Chronicle

"Eisler gives the reader an intense, close-up feel of noir Tokyo [and] has created an alluring three-dimensional assassin in John Rain, one who will, I hope, stay around for quite some time..."

"...the best depiction of modern Japanese society in literature today..."
   —San Francisco Chronicle

"[A] captivating follow-up... Once again, the nightscape of Tokyo is painted in beautifully dark tones... fascinating, touching and wholly believable."
   —Publishers Weekly, starred review