"A consistently fine series, and its latest installment is no exception. Rain, the killer who wishes he could stop killing, is an engaging protagonist, and the author's depiction of the world of the assassin is vivid and well imagined. A rousing success."

"...combat scenes full of lovingly detailed descriptions of knives, guns and other martial paraphernalia. Amid the threats to life, limb and loved ones, Rain finds time to enjoy good food, better whiskey and even better sex."
   —Publishers Weekly

"Wicked action sequences, smoothly delineated local color and moments of introspection capture Rain in fine, fraught form."

"Barry Eisler peels back another layer of the intrigue surrounding his fictional killer for hire.  Specifically, Eisler reveals a little more of his own personal history, the birthplace of the vivid action scenes, exotic international locales, and realistic details that are the enduring hallmarks of the John Rain franchise... Rain's predicament sheds light on the universal themes of human nature, self-acceptance, and ultimate mortality -- heady stuff for a popular thriller.  Rain has to question whether he can stop being the assassin he is, to become the husband and father he wants to be... Rain (and the reader) is left waiting for the next installment for resolution."
   —The Asian Reporter

"The best one assured, polished work from an author working at the height of his abilities. The depth of characterization, the seamless transitions between the different points-of-view, the brilliant choreography of the action, all demonstrate that Eisler is one of the most talented and literary writers in the thriller genre."
   —Chicago Sun Times

"When you get to know him, it's impossible not to align yourself with John Rain, the hero of five novels by Barry Eisler. It is possible that the most recent book in the series, Extremis, is the best yet, though I have been an addict ever since the first one... Scenes of sudden violence and moments of nearly unbearable suspense are reminiscent of James Bond's greatest hits."
   —Otto Penzler, The New York Sun

"It may be a true sign of Eisler's craft... that Rain's sumo brawls, romantic antics and emotional encounter with fatherhood somehow merge seamlessly onto the narrative, perhaps even to the point of enhancing it."
   —Japan Times

"...combines the usual elements that you would want in a thriller: taut action, gripping suspense, great characters. What this book also has is the sensitivity to make the reader feel for those characters, and the intelligence to make you think about what's going on. In short, it's an action thriller that will appeal even to readers who think they don't like action thrillers."
   —The Philadelphia Inquirer

"A terrific, fun read, full of modern spy craft (Eisler worked for the CIA for a while), exotic locales, hot sex and violence. Not to mention an extremely well-defined character in John Rain, who seems like a pretty good guy, given his career."
   —San Jose Mercury News

"Great characters, great action but all tainted with the bittersweet realization that for Rain, life and death are just a whisper away. This is Eisler's best so far, and a great introduction to one of most gripping espionage series around. If you like your thrillers with an existential twist, Eisler's your man. Exceptional."
   —Ali Karim, Shots Magazine

"Rating: A. I love these books. They contain everything I look for in a great thriller. Long live John Rain—and Barry Eisler!"
   —George Easter, Deadly Pleasures Magazine

"If there's one overriding theme in the fifth installment of this series, it's that John Rain is seriously getting a sensitive side. But when there's a new child to protect, old and new loves to keep close or hold at a distance, and welcome humor in the form of his sidekick Dox, then it's perfectly understandable, and definitely most welcome. Read this because it's everything a thriller should be, but don't be surprised if it stays with you longer than you might expect."
   —Sarah Weinman, Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind

"Author Barry Eisler scores nothing but net... Whereas John Rain ages in these books—his reflexes slow, his mind roams about over unfamiliar terrain—Eisler grows in authorial talent. And where the earlier novels carried a punch with each new episode, this novel lingers on the palate like the single malts Rain favors, as it explores in increasing depth several characters but especially of Rain, Delilah, Dox, and Tatsu. Eisler is at top form."
   —David Gordon, The Deipnosophist

"Written with a delightfully soft touch and a powerful blend of excitement, exotica and what (ever since John le Carré) readers have known to call tradecraft."
   —The Economist

"Eisler, a former CIA operative, has a knack for creating characters we like and for crafting grippingly turbulent plots. His descriptions of the mechanics of spycraft are first rate, and he never fails to bring the atmosphere of his exotic locales to life... Perhaps not since the James Bond of the Ian Fleming novels has there been an assassin so charismatic."
   —San Franciso Chronicle

"Older, wiser, but maybe a bit rusty, rigorously lethal freelance assassin John Rain must take out old enemies within the Japanese yakuza if he ever hopes to make peace with the mother of his infant son. Body Count: A whopping 20. Worst Death: A double beheading via katana blade. Lowdown: Eisler's fifth Rain thriller is well-worn, but certainly gives good gunplay. And don't let that extreme body count fool you: Eisler is just as keen on inner angst as on executions. Our deadly hero cries. Twice. B+"
   —Entertainment Weekly