Rain Books Timeline


A Clean Kill in Tokyo
Rain's hit on Japanese politician Yasuhiro Kawamura goes off without a hitch, but its aftermath is deadly. Rain, believing his shadowy employer might be setting him up, investigates with the help of his hacker friend Harry. The trail leads to Kawamura's daughter, jazz pianist Midori Kawamura, with whom Rain falls into bed and perhaps even in love. When Rain learns Midori is his employer's next target, he's forced to choose between the imperative of self-protection and his longing for something more. Tatsu Ishikara, Rain's friend and nemesis with the Japanese National Police Agency, learns of Rain's activities, but rather than arrest Rain, makes him a startling offer: Work with me to fight corruption. At the end of the book, Midori has gone to America, believing Rain is dead and ignorant of his involvement in her father's death.

A Lonely Resurrection
Rain is now working with Tatsu, targeting ferocious Japanese mob killer Murakami. Thinking his friend Harry is being set up, Rain investigates a "gentleman's club" called Damask Rose. There he falls in with Naomi Nascimento, a gorgeous half-Brazilian, half-Japanese dancer—a situation complicated by Midori's unexpected reappearance in Rain's life. Putting together information from Tatsu and Naomi, Rain infiltrates Japan's underground fight circuit, which Murakami is running as a recruiting and training ground for killers like Rain. Rain is forced to face off with Murakami, to avenge the death of a friend, and, in the end, to flee Japan for Brazil.

Winner Take All
The CIA tracks down Rain in Rio de Janeiro and recruits him to eliminate Belghazi, a half-Algerian, half-French arms dealer and inveterate gambler. Rain tracks Belghazi to the casinos of Macau, but the hit is complicated by the presence of Belghazi's consort, Delilah, who, Rain learns, is an undercover Israeli agent. Another complication is the appearance of a former comrade-in-arms of Rain's: former Marine sniper Dox, whose good ol'-boy-smile masks a killer as deadly as Rain himself. Delilah and Rain fall into an uneasy alliance and into bed as they each try to get what they want from Belghazi without letting the other get in the way. Dox proves himself an able and trustworthy partner for Rain, paving the way for future cooperation and perhaps even friendship.

Redemption Games
The Mossad sends Rain to Manila to eliminate Manheim Lavi, a rogue Israeli soldier who has been selling his explosives expertise to terrorist groups around the world. Just as Rain moves in for the kill, Lavi's small son shows up and Rain blows the hit. Now on the run in Bangkok, Phuket, and Hong Kong, Rain finds himself a target of both the Mossad, which wants to conceal its involvement, and of a rogue CIA operation, which has been running Lavi as an access agent. With assistance from former Marine sniper Dox and beautiful Mossad agent Delilah, Rain is able to finish the hit and turn the tables on his pursuers. But in doing so, he makes a mortal enemy of Jim Hilger, the master of the CIA op. And Rain learns he has an infant son—with Midori Kawamura, whose father Rain killed—and that his enemies have been watching the woman and the child in hopes of using them to get to Rain.

Rain goes to New York to see Midori and his son. Distracted by unfamiliar emotions and off his game, he makes a mistake—and has to kill one of the men who have been surveilling Midori and the child. The man's death will be a clear sign to Rain's enemies that he's been there, and will therefore put Midori and the child in danger, so Rain does the only thing he can: he goes on the offensive. Meanwhile, Delilah, herself in the grip of unfamiliar anger and jealousy, unintentionally complicates Rain's efforts. Worse, one of Rain's key assets, the man he's relied on in every book for intelligence and emotional support, Tatsu of the Japanese national police force, is dying of cancer. Despite the fearsome odds, Rain manages to take the fight all the way to Yamaoto, his nemesis since A Clean Kill in Tokyo, and eliminate the threat to Midori and their son. But the fallout of that battle will ensure that Rain will never be able to see either of them again.

The Killer Ascendant
Rain is living quietly in Paris with a new identity. With the help of his lover, Mossad agent Delilah, Rain is determined to leave the killing business forever. But then he receives a message from Jim Hilger, who has kidnapped Dox, and who threatens to kill the former Marine sniper unless Rain carries out a series of three hits. For a professional like Rain, the choice ought to be easy: do the job and save his friend and partner. But how does Rain know Hilger won't kill Dox anyway once the assignment is complete? How does he know that each of the hits isn't a set up for Rain himself? Most of all, how can he control the killing rage Hilger's lethal game of extortion re-ignites inside him? Rain must battle with his age and a determined enemy whose distorted worldview motivates him to horrifying ends.

The Detachment
Following his split with Mossad seductress Delilah (read all about it in Paris Is A Bitch), Rain is living quietly in Tokyo. But not for long, because legendary black ops veteran Colonel Scott "Hort" Horton has a problem: an incipient coup by America's own oligarchs. And the only way he can stop it is to take out three key plotters by "natural causes." So he sends black ops soldier Ben Treven and rogue operative Daniel Larison to Tokyo to make Rain an offer the assassin can't refuse. Along with Rain's partner, the former Marine sniper, Dox, the four of them should have the manpower and the skills to complete the mission. Assuming the mission is as Hort described it...


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