A Clean Kill in Tokyo



"Barry Eisler is a true master of suspense... by far one of the best books I have ever read."

"Engaging and well-written, the novels feature enough martial arts action and suspense to keep your imagination whirring."
   —Black Belt

"... an impressive debut thriller that had me conjuring comparisons to Lee Child's Jack Reacher."
   —Deadly Pleasures

"The depth of characterization of John Rain is intense and riveting. The action is nonstop and the plot is convoluted. This is definitely an author to watch!"

"Set in a memorable noir version of Tokyo (jazz clubs, whiskey bars, "love hotels"), Eisler's rich and atmospheric debut thriller [has] several excellent action scenes, an amusing and touching young computer nerd who is Rain's only reliable ally, and, most of all, an intriguing and intimate evocation of Japan's intense love-hate relationship with America."
   —Publishers Weekly, starred review

"...a terrific debut... possibly the best cool-killer novel since The Eiger Sanction."
   —San Francisco Chronicle

"A remarkable first novel... rich in real places and sounds, tastes and experiences. If you are a devotee of offbeat restaurants, jazz clubs and fine single-malt whiskeys, you could use this novel as a travel guide..."
   —San Jose Mercury News

"Fast paced action... That readers will warm to Eisler's ruthless protagonist is quite the accomplishment for a first-time novelist."
   —New York Daily News

"Grappling techniques are vividly described in A Clean Kill in Tokyo's many action sequences... excellent descriptions which make you feel as if you are walking through downtown Tokyo... definitely recommended for your summer reading list."

"Eisler provides a cracklingly good yarn, well written, deftly plotted, and surprisingly appealing... Thomas Perry and Lawrence Block need not retire their hit men quite yet, but Eisler is clearly a challenger."
   —Boston Globe

"...a page turner with some great plot twists and reverses... echoes of the great Three Days of the Condor, the Robert Redford-Faye Dunaway classic thriller."
   —Palo Alto Weekly

"...a suspenseful thriller filled with double-crosses, duplicity and relentless action... Eisler's experience of living and working in Japan lends realism to his depiction of the compelling intricacies of Japanese society..."

"Our constant quest for the iconic hero is well satisfied in John Rain... Eisler's story of an assassin-for-hire is a paranoid's dream..."
   —Poisoned Pen

"...the action crackles with the sort of suspense and ambiguity that almost demands a John Woo film treatment..."

"Rich atmosphere and believable politics in a distinguished debut thriller."

"A tremendous debut, the best to come out so far this year."
   —Mystery Ink

"... a Zen meditation of a thriller... Like the works of Trevanian or John le Carré, A Clean Kill in Tokyo [is] an East-meets-West take on the samurai/assassin tale, washed fresh by the rain and infused with the neon glow of the Ginza."
   —News Press

"An excellent debut novel."
   —Punch Magazine

"... an original, adrenalin-filled romp through an exotic cultural landscape with an engaging murderer as a guide..."
   —London Times

"John Rain is the best new mystery character to come along since Michael Connelly's Harry Bosch or Greg Rucka's Atticus Kodiak."
   —City Books, Seattle, WA

"If you're looking for a new author and an ongoing character to check out in the suspense genre, A Clean Kill in Tokyo is the book you need to pick up."

"A terrific debut... if Eisler gets the sophomore book to work as well as the debut, we have a major talent to look forward to."

"A dark, solidly crafted yarn."
   —Star Tribune

"'ll be sucked into a vortex of taut prose and a fast paced description of Tokyo that will convince you that you've lived there..."
   —MysteryOne Bookstore

"...a fabulous debut—a fascinating new protagonist, an intriguing setting (Tokyo) and lots of action."
   —Mysteries to Die For

"A stunning first novel..."
   —,the independent observer of Northern California books

"[One of the] Ten Best Books of 2002... A lyrically written... reinvention of the assassin formula [and] a great choice for John le Carré and Trevanian fans."
   —News Press

"...set against the unforgettable backdrop of the seamier side of Tokyo... alive with suspense, unsurpassed characterization, intricate plotting and action."
   —Mystery Cove

"A powerful debut... an enthralling read."
   —Crime Time

"Pure adrenalin..."
   —Grappling Magazine

"...atmospheric and intelligent"
   —Tangled Web